“ARCTICA” – Latest Series Studies

The latest series, “Arctica: the White Room of the Mind”, comes from an intense period of experiencing a distrust of memory and self made identity. Who are we without our memories? Who are we if what we remember a certain way was never like that? How did those memories shape who we think we are, and the world is?

There is a blurred line between what we perceive and what we remember. And if all keeps changing, and things eventually disappear, what are we left with really? I seem to want to grasp at least to one thing I remember perfectly, something that will define me, if I am meant to keep my own sanity and identity in the face of an ever changing transitory form of the world and mind.

This vanishing is what I am attempting to capture in intimate states where a very true nature arises. Intimacy goes hand in hand with emptiness, with blankness, where we can find ourselves or lose ourselves. Yet, there is a “holding on” to what is essential, or that which can remain in the end.

White space and simplicity dominate this series, keeping only the essential that truly defines an experience and moment. Stay tuned as new pieces are published here in this site.

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